22 Oct 2019

For a Government that rightly prides itself in having kept its ear to the ground over the last six years as to the needs and deeds of the people of the Maltese Islands, the Government seems to have developed a substantial blindness and deafness to a situational problem which is threatening to overturn the boat of complacency.

Let me digress a little. I am NOT xenophobic; I am NOT rac...

17 Oct 2019

The spectacle of armed gangsters bursting into a bank, faces muzzled in handkerchiefs or scarves, guns blazing amidst shouts of “Stick ‘em Up” and “Give us all your cash” are long gone.

Hollywood films depicting such themes were a dime-a-dozen and included the familiar car chase by Police vehicles, sirens and horns screeching and of course, finally, justice was done and the robbers c...

15 Oct 2019

The reaction of the Nationalist Party to yesterday’s Budget was much as expected – negative, pointless, fruitless, without ideas or imagination ... in short a load of waffle that originates from nowhere and leads to nowhere.

Now, this is a political party that in the past when in Government, they piled on National Debt year after year (left there for future generations to cope with)...

12 Oct 2019

In my boyhood – many years ago mind you – we had three distinct and separate classes. At the top was high class, that is the noble, the rich, the privileged, priests etc.

Then there was the middle class with sub-sections of upper and lower, topped by lawyers, notaries and the like, clerks, shop owners, bank employees and those who could claim advanced literacy.

Propping all these up w...

27 Sep 2019

One of the very few mistakes of this Labour Government since 2013 is that right from the very start the PL Government should have engaged a leading psychologist and a leading psychiatrist to analyse the way the PN mind works and their general mindset.

Admittedly this would have probably led the psychologist and the psychiatrist to fall into deep bouts of depression and nihilism – but...

13 Sep 2019

Mosta priest Father David Muscat is a so-called “man of the cloth”, in the Christian world meaning he represents Jesus Christ and presumably leads a good and humble life conveying the words and actions of The Saviour to the population he is meant to shepherd to help them remain on the path of righteousness.

Politician David Casa is a Member of the European Parliament, presumably elec...

10 Sep 2019

What a world of contrasts we live in – largely defined by the growing numbers of idiots that abound in it.

Within the space of a few recent days we have covered the spectrum of extremes.

The Provincial of an Order of Friars nonchalantly stood by as hundreds of precious and priceless books and manuscripts were roughly manhandled, thus making him culpable of aiding and abetting such des...

7 Sep 2019

Labour MP Glenn Bedingfield hit the nail straight on the head when speaking on the programme “Pjazza” yesterday evening when he said that the ONLY option the Nationalist Party has worked itself into is to harm and damage the country’s economy by using every possible means.

This has included constant allegations that have now been exposed to be lies, deception and treachery committed...

23 Aug 2019

Habitual liars lose all track of reality. One symptom is that of telling so many lies constantly that new lies begin to contradict older lies. One other symptom – as psychiatrists will confirm - is that of liars eventually beginning to believe their own lies as if these are biblical truth.

The bottom line is that liars have no shame and feel no remorse for the lies they tell – no mat...

14 Aug 2019

When yesterday evening I read the following paragraph on a local news site, I just could NOT believe my eyes. I read and re-read and re-read again. It said:

“Meanwhile in a comment on Facebook, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that although Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world it also has a moral obligation to stand up for those most vulnerable. He said the Oppositi...

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