22 Mar 2020

For centuries the myth existed that rodent Arctic Lemmings annually became gripped by fits of madness and in their masses dived over cliffs to commit suicide.

As with most myths this theory has now been disproven – as a myth. The scientific truth is that packs of Lemmings over-populate themselves and suddenly become gripped with a panic to move and expand. The rodent is a good swimme...

6 Mar 2020

A gutter sewer is far, far, too polite a description to describe the current Nationalist Party, its Leadership and its main protagonists.

These are people with no standards and no scruples, not even the faintest crumb of humanity in their DNA. They are a desperate, disgraceful, despicable, dirty and disgusting Opposition that has surpassed all standards of basic human decency.

The PN...

24 Feb 2020

With the sudden coronavirus surge in Italy and the first reported deaths in Europe, also in Italy, these have thrown people into a great panic. Italy is on our doorstep but the reality is the panic should have started from Day One when the virus was first announced in China.

For Malta and Gozo, the whole world is our doorstep. Thousands travel to and from every week, of all nationali...

21 Feb 2020

This has been getting on my nerves for a number of weeks now so I have to get it off my chest.  Using language that Dr Andrew Borg Cardona is well versed in and apparently largely rests on his mind and mentality - it’s been getting on my tits, and the solution is to get rid of it.

There is an ongoing Public Inquiry into “the circumstances leading to the murder of journalist Daphne Ca...

10 Feb 2020

Today the Maltese Islands are celebrating the event of St Paul’s Shipwreck in the Maltese Islands.

However, it is a day of two shipwreck events because our Islands are experiencing another shipwreck event, that of the Nationalist Party.

The PN shipwreck has long been coming and current Leader Delia has done his level best to keep his and the PN’s head above the turbulent waters – to n...

13 Jan 2020

The country must continue to strive to ensure the PN will NEVER be in power again – and certainly not as the current PN. The new Leadership of the PL in Party and Government was sorted during the weekend. If you think this mean everything is over bar the shouting – don’t you ever believe it.

People hell-bound on treachery and evil will continue as long as time is eternal – and the PN...

4 Jan 2020

While the festive period continued to be marked by the insane UnGodly, UnChristian and UnScrupulously Evil and mentally obsessive harassment of the Prime Minister and his family, the beginning of a New Year 2020 does not in any way herald optimistic news.

On the home front the political exploitation of the homicide of Daphne Caruana Galizia is set to continue with the motley rabble t...

31 Dec 2019

The end of 2019 draws to a close and as I bid it adieu, I have the shortest and most pungent message to Malta and Gozo and the people of Malta and Gozo.

Honi soit qui mal y pense – They are Evil who think Evil.

This country boasts of 2,000 years of Godliness and Christianity. This country contains over 400 Christian churches and chapels.

They are worthless and good for nothing and serv...

15 Dec 2019

When a presenter like Peppi Azzopardi of the television programme Xarabank, a despicable programme of totally no-added value, is given publicity to enable him to make pronouncements on the current political situation, it can safely be said the country and its people simply cannot plunge any further into an absolute mire of chaos.

Malta is a conundrum, a puzzle so complex, so muddled,...

24 Nov 2019

The politicians of this country and their lackeys and hangers-on must FULLY understand the country and its people are sick and tired of all the manoeuvres and machinations that are currently ongoing with some kind of development every five minutes.

They must also understand the enormous harm they are doing the country – in some cases most, most irresponsibly – particularly those who...

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